How Mental Health Affects Workplace Safety

by Jun 17, 2021Psychology


June 2021

How Mental Health Affects Workplace Safety

Workplace safety is no longer just risk management. Everyone knows accidents happen, but Budee is committed to drastically reducing incident occurrence in the workplace. This starts with a deep respect for people and genuine care for their physical and mental health and well-being.

COVID-19 drastically changed the world but it brought to light the fact that everyone is human. With reported increases in domestic violence, drug use, and self-harm over the past year, many workplaces are taking a serious and necessary look at mental health.

Dealing With the Stigma of Mental Health Conditions

Eliminating the stigma surrounding mental health is a work in progress. With 36% of Americans agreeing that employers should take active steps in helping employees’ mental health and another 41% somewhat agreeing, over 75% of Americans favor employer involvement in mental health.

However, workers in blue-collar trades are traditionally less likely to be vocal about their mental health. Budee is dedicated to changing that and ending the stigma.

Mental health is just as important as physical health. The demands of blue-collar jobs produce can result in stress-related mental health issues for workers. Factors like working night and weekend shifts and in loud work environments impact mental stress levels.

Blue-collar workers are more likely to suffer from mental health conditions than those with white-collar jobs. However, blue-collar workers tend to use mental healthcare services less often. This can point to possible barriers blue-collar workers face in seeking care for mental illness.

Whether these barriers are self-imposed out of stigma or due to a lack of resources, the employer has a responsibility to address the problem. Stress plays a key role in mental health, but prolonged stress also weakens the immune system and affects physical health and fitness. Taking care of workers’ health includes both physical safety and mental health care. Mental health issues should be given the same focus as preventable injuries.

Taking care of workers’ health includes both physical safety and mental health care.

Utilizing the Power of the Budee App

Budee’s mission is to protect employees and ensure they get home safely to their families every day. The Budee employee app can help people that are managing stress at work. Workers can privately monitor top contributors to mental wellness, using several features:

  • Sleep tracker. Fatigue is a primary contributor to workplace incidents. 
  • Medication checker. Employees with prescriptions can privately search Budee’s pharmaceutical database for known side effects and drug interactions. Any concerns can be reported to supervisors without disclosing private medical information.
  • Mood self-assessment. Budee asks five questions based on peer-reviewed psychology tests for employees to do a quick mood assessment. Completing this daily provides science-based feedback for peace of mind. Employees can dive deeper into their mood analysis if they choose.

Additional safety management features include company alerts, weather warnings, tracking occupational health and safety certifications, and direct chats with coworkers and supervisors.

Looking for Help in Handling Stress and Mental Health in the Workplace?

Most accidents are completely avoidable and can only be further prevented by being mindful of your mental wellness. 

If you’re searching for a way to properly manage mental health in the workplace, try Budee. We’re here to get employees home to their families every day and night. Start with your free trial to protect your most valuable assets — your people.

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