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In response to the growing need for employers to retain vaccination records and prevent workplace outbreaks, Budee is offering our unique Covid-19 tools completely free of charge.

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  • Daily Symptom Screening
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  • Vaccine Passport Management
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A safer workplace begins with making sure everyone is safe to work

A safe start to every day

A worker’s companion, Budee helps you take a safe approach to every day and every shift.  In under 30 seconds, workers and contractors are asked if they are vaccinated, which vaccine they received, the dates of their shots (you can even request a photo of the vaccine certificate) check for symptoms, and record temperatures.  You can even send out safety alerts or notifications.

Fit for duty

Fit for duty is defined as a condition in which an employee’s physical, physiological and psychological state enables them to continuously perform tasks safely. Budee’s unique fit for duty assessment helps workers self assess for COVID 19, fatigue, emotional state, stress and tolerance. Using the powerful reporting dashboard you can get an instant view of your workers and contractors status.

Designed for all

For use in any industry, Budee is completely configurable to meet the safety needs of your company.  Budee’s sophisticated, yet simple and easy to use design, let you choose what parts of Budee you want to use and how you want to use it.  Once configured to suit your unique needs, you will have a powerful new resource to ensure everyone gets home safely every day.