Meet Budee

A Safety Guidance & Support App for the Workplace
How Budee Works

Users visit the app before each workday for daily alerts & safety checks.

Budee privately guides users through a dynamic mental & physical health assessment.

Real-time updates are added to the dashboard & supervisors are notified of potential safety risks.

To encourage routine, each check-in earns a chance for users to win rewards.

Budee’s core features

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Mental Health Checks

Monitor mood and learn how mental health affects safety.
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Fatigue Assesment

Track sleep and understand potential signs of fatigue.
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Flag dangerous side effects and medication interactions.

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Safety Alerts

Keep workers informed and easily alert teams to safety issues.
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  • Safety Feedback Loops
  • Fatigue Check
  • Mood Assessment
  • Alerts + Notifications
  • Weather Warnings
  • Certification Management
  • Pharmaceutical Checks
  • Built in Rewards Program
  • Personal Photos
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Infectious Disease Self Assessment
  • Vaccination Tracking


Budee adapts to any industry

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What our partners say

“Budee has been very helpful for our supervisors and for our workers. It’s helped with keeping track when our workers are fatigued, weather updates and warnings. We use it for COVID–19 screening,  medication checks, and is very adaptable, with customized updates & alerts.”

Barry Wilson

Project Safety Advisor, Bridging North America

See how Budee can make a difference

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