How Budee makes a difference


Out of the box functionality aligned with best-practice workflows. 


Implementation and continuous improvement.


EHS platform with modular functionality.

Budee is a single management system catering to global and regional EHS needs

Consolidate EHS processes into a single management system


Better visibility of EHS processes at the site level


Connect with workers at the site level in real time

One very affordable customizable tool for all your EHS needs

Budee’s Partnership with Turner Construction

Jamie Evans, Turner Construction

Senior Director of Safety and Wellness, Regional Active Caring Leader

  • “I’m excited about our work with Budee. At Turner construction, we have been partnering with the Budee team for months now; working to refine and evolve the tools capabilities.”


  • “Budee is using a unique strategy to assist companies. The goal of helping implement processes with front line workers, crew leaders, and field staff while also baking in strategies to combat presenteeism, support mental health and genuine caring is exciting and needed.”


  • “Our industry has made great strides with physical safety. Policies and protocols have advanced and improved outcomes. Areas that still require focus and tools are mental health support for the workforce and simplifying the processes required to comply with policy.”


Budee’s powerful platform is flexible and gives safety staff the ability to customize engagement and show evidence of policy compliance that is helpful during audits and maintaining ISO certification.

Lots of work to do, but my personal hope is that our work with Budee, a tool that works for all stakeholders, supports our people, and is available to all our projects on an enterprise level, helps us get more people home safely every day.

Jamie Evans, Senior Director of Safety and Wellness, Regional Active Caring Leader, Turner Construction

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