How Budee makes a difference

330 Billion

Cost to the GDP In the USA and Canada every year due to workplace injury.

387 Million

Incidents every year resulting in at least 4 days missed work.

Unknown Costs

of incidents; morale, turnover, reputation, productivity.
Budee helps to improve safety culture, management and practices in any workplace, regardless of size or industry.

A customizable risk management tool for employers


A personal safety coach for users


A personal safety coach for users

A customizable risk management tool for employers

Budee’s Partnership with Bridging North America

Piloting Workplace Safety at The Gordie Howe Bridge Project

  • BNA Supervisors & Workers are piloting Budee at the Gordie Howe International Bridge site.


  • A massive undertaking, the bridge will span the Detroit River from Windsor, Canada to Detroit U.S.A.


  • When complete it will be one of the top 5 longest bridges in all of North America (2.5km)


  • Since September 2021, BNA crews have been utilizing the Covid-19 Screening, Mood Analysis, and Fatigue Tracking features to create a safer work environment.


“Bridging North America has been using the Budee Workplace App for approximately four months. Excellent mobile app and easy to download with a very user-friendly administration application.

The Budee App has been very helpful for our supervisors and for our workers. It’s helped with keeping track when our workers are fatigued, weather updates and warnings. We use it for COVID–19 screening,  medication checks, and is very adaptable, with customized updates & alerts. We at BNA give the Budee App 4 out 5 stars”

Barry Wilson

Project Safety Advisor, Bridging North America

Budee can help you manage

at your workplace.

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