Affordable for any size company

“Budee has made my life so much easier.”

“What a time saver! The app streamlines our whole safety program.”

Kristen Panella, 2Safe Consulting

“Budee is very flexible.”

“The infrastructure is super dependable.”

Jamie Evans, Turner Construction

“I have had a great experience with Budee”

“Budee is very customizable and user friendly.

Meghan Petruzziello, Project Safety Leader

Empower your diverse workforce and transcend language barriers

Consolidate all your safety processes into a single management system


Better visibility of site level safety


Connect with workers on-site in real time in their language

Easy to implement and use

“Budee has been very helpful for our team. It’s helped with managing safety with our workers. We use it for safety updates, check-ins and safety alerts. It’s great for inspections, toolbox talks,  safety notices, and certification management.  We use it every day! ”

Barry Wilson Project Safety Advisor, Bridging North America

Budee can help you manage


Budee Dashboard on a Laptop & Profile section on mobile phone