Meet Budee

Your complete EHS platform for all your compliance needs
How Budee Works

Distribute and track custom alerts, work orders, certification requirements, safety tips and important documents.

Teams collaborate with inspections, safety observations, near miss reports, JHA's, toolbox talks and much more.

Drive continuous improvement through collaboration with contractors and employees.

Create custom rewards programs in seconds to drive engagement and improve safety culture.

Budee’s core features

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Team or role specific alerts, delivered in real time along with a complete audit trail.  

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Digital Documentation

Conduct inspections, update policies,  checklists, distribute work orders, assign tasks. 

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Manage certifications for employees and contractors across multiple projects or sites. 

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JHA’s, near misses, incident reports, toolbox talks, daily huddles, anything you want.

Go digital with all these features
  • Intelligent inspection forms
  • Real time alerts with audit trails
  • Distribute work orders/policy updates
  • Report and resolve issues
  • Manage employee and contractor compliance
  • Weather warnings
  • Built in Safety Rewards Program
  • Connect with company EAP’s
  • Fatigue management
  • Mental wellness assistance
  • Safety Feedback Loops

Budee adapts to any industry

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What our partners say

“Budee has been very helpful for our team. It’s helped with managing safety with our workers. We use it for safety updates, check-ins and safety alerts. It’s great for inspections, toolbox talks,  safety notices, and certification management.  We use it every day! ”

Barry Wilson

Project Safety Advisor, Bridging North America

See how Budee makes a difference

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