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A complete safety system in your hands

Collaborate with observations, inspections, alerts, & compliance tracking

Manage compliance with contractors and employees

Custom rewards programs that help improve safety culture.

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Delivered in real time with a complete audit trail.

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Forms & Policies

Go paperless and get rid of spread sheets

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Manage certifications for employees and contractors anywhere

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Track issues & assign tasks

  • Dashboards for all reporting
  • Real time site level visibility
  • Intelligent forms for all inspections
  • Leading & lagging indicators
  • Real time alerts with audit trails
  • Distribute work orders/policy updates
  • Report and resolve issues
  • Manage employee and contractor compliance
  • Customizable Safety Rewards Program
  • Connect with company EAP’s

Affordable for any size company

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What our customers say

“Budee’s powerful platform is flexible and gives safety staff the ability to customize engagement and show evidence of policy compliance that is helpful during audits and maintaining ISO certification.

Lots of work to do, but my personal hope is that our work with Budee, a tool that works for all stakeholders, supports our people, and is available to all our projects on an enterprise level, helps us get more people home safely every day.”

Jamie Evans

Senior Director of Safety and Wellness, Regional Active Caring Leader, TURNER

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